This contract will explain each aspect of what is required to be a participating
Merchandise Vendor or Food Vendor at Electric Pow Wow, as well as outline our working relationship
and what we intend to provide to you, the Vendor, in turn what we expect while working with you.
Therefore, it is pertinent that each business owner read through it in full. This agreement is
nontransferable. For the terms of this agreement, “Vendor” shall refer to all vendors, non-profit
organizations, partners, sponsors, or any staff employed or involved in any way or manner to the Vendor
referenced on Page 4 of this Agreement.

Our mission as a festival is to create a safe and healthy environment for all our guests. If you have any
questions or concerns about how we work or why we are doing the things we do. Please let us know via
email or phone. Our intention is to become an extension of your business to assist with generating more
revenue and gaining a larger fan base for your business. If at any time you feel our actions are counter to
that, please contact us and we would be happy to listen to your perspective and consider making

We are asking for a commitment that you read our communications thoroughly. Our policy on
professionalism is something we hold to a high standard. We want to remain professional and reasonable
in all of our dealings with customers, vendors, and hosts. We also expect this from you as a participant.
We are asking that you commit to be an upstanding vendor that is a part of a much larger group that
could feel the repercussions of your actions should you act unprofessionally.


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